Christmas 2006

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christmas 2006 small

From our Musical Director:

Sun 10th Dec – Catholic Church

Mozart Coronation Mass (soloists: Maggie/Sandy/Debra/Sjoerd/Ben) + Roy Woodhams (organ) + carols.
Ben solo: Mighty Lord – Christmas Oratorio
Organ Solo: Buxtehude prelude and Fugue in F# minor
Well received, especially the Mozart, which was also much enjoyed by the choir.

Mon 18th Dec – Trinity College, Oxford (Kingerlee Christmas Concert)

By invitation of Tony Woodward of Littleworth – a Director
Concert in Chapel. Solos by Louise Woodgate (Handel + others, including Let the Bright Seraphim, with Trumpet), accomp. Piano Peter Cowdrey.
Mozart Alma Dei Creatoris + carols – Louise joined us in some of these - Bethlehem Down, O Holy Night, We Wish you a Merry Christmas
Good singing – choir relaxed and attentive. O Holy Night was a particular highlight.
A very tight squeeze within the Chapel, which was full to capacity.

Tues 19th Dec – Littleworth Church

A repeat of Monday. An excellent church to sing in and we look forward to going there again.